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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 28, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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on time service for light rail and for marc trains. even for buses no problems to report there. let's look outside at the jfx and northern parkway. no problems to report. no incidents in your way. this is the outer loop at liberty road. outer loop has the heavier traffic to the left of your screen. no incidents to report on harrisburg expressway or jfx. we do have a disabled vehicle on 95 southbound that's going to be at key highway. that's 95 southbound at key highway. drive times are doing fine. 38 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes. six minutes white marsh to the beltway. 7 minutes on the outer loop, 795 to 7067896 minutes bel air to providence. traveling 95 southbound, at key highway, watch out. megan. he was promising young man, but his life ended in a blink of an eye. in a exclusive interview, the family now speaking out aboutwhy they don't believe police are telling them everything. abc2 news linda so is live at baltimore county police head quarters to explain more. >> reporter: well, we are
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hearing from the family for the first time an though police closed the case. the family hired an attorney to dig deeper. james stallings was on his way home when he had to stop. he pulled off on the shoulder along route 40 near ebenezer road when police say a car driven by a 19-year-old moved into the left lane and hit him. police are calling this a case of pedestrian error. they say stallings was in the travel lane when the car hit him and they don't plan to file charges. family members say they don't believe he would have walked into the lane. they say stallings was all about safety. >> i am supposed to grief but i can't grief the way i want to because i am busy wanting justice for james. >> reporter: police have videos from two surveillance cameras in the area but they don't capture the crash. again, police don't plan to file charges in the case. but the family they say it's not over and they have hired anattorney. linda so, abc2 news. this morning the director
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of a city r-ec center is accused of sexual assault. gregory brewer is charged in the case involving girls ages 13 and 14. he was ath director of the cc jackson -- was the director of the cc jackson recreational center. a jury convicted sian james of involuntary manslaughter. he is accused killing concrete that killed a off duety police officer during a dispute over a parking space e said he being ad in self-defense fearing brian stephenson would -- stevenson would shoot him. police need your help in finding viola gregory. she was last seen wednesday afternoon at her home and anyone with any information is asked to call 911. a concern for parents in a community. the health department says children in one fallston neighborhood should be tested for lead according to the county. several homes in the grafton
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ridge development showed higher than acceptable levels lead in the drinking water. the water comes from a well, and authorities are not sure where the lead is coming from or how long it's been in the water. that has families worried. >> it's a concern for them, i know it's a frustration and it's a frustration for us because we have some well information, but we have not been able to opinion point the source. but with additional test results, we are hoping that we will be able to narrow it down. >> the county says the builder has been cooperative so far and is supplying bottled water to people living there. a political storm on capitol hill is reaching a fever pitch. the clock is ticking as the august 2nd dead loon approaches a vote is expected on one of the prohe posed plans later today in the house. and sherrie johnson is here with a look at that bill's chance. >> reporter: the house speaker is facing a critical leadership test. they are set to vote on the plan to raise the debt ceiling through next spring and caught trillion dollar from the deficit e worked hard to drum up the votes to get it passed
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using salty language in a closed-door meeting he told wavering tea party freshmen to get in line behind the debt cutting plan. attention was on full displays and the white house threatened to veto the plan. president obama wants the debt ceiling raised through the spring of 2013 to avoid a repeat of this bitter fight just before next year's elections. the dow dropped 200 points yesterday and closed down for the 4th straight day. some say the house speaker's threats might work. >> i'm conservative and you say i am hard line. and as i said, i am going to support this. >> i moved from no to undecided to yes. if aid matter of we have -- if it's a matter we have to take what we can get. >> reporter: even if the house passes the plan today, it's not expected to pass the senate. so it's back to the negotiations table to see who gives in. sherrie johnson, abc2 news>> what can you do if they can't come up to an agreement by
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august 2nd deadline. you heard about the potential consequences if the nation defaults on the debt. the question on most americans minds is can i do anything to prepare for a worst case scenario. advice for you coming up at 6:50. you will want to stay tuned. this morning, the list is out of the nation's top ten consumer complaints. and the annual roundup finds that some of the same gripes we have heard before and new ones. the latest survey by the consumer federation of america says rip-offs and scams have one common thread. >> in the examples they provided of the top worst and fastest growing complaints, many of them were related to the tough financial situations that consumers and businesses faced last year. >> topping the list, auto related complaints, complaints about credit and debt, home improvement and retail sales. they tied at number 3. followed by utilities and services. then online sales, household
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goods like furniture and appliance and they took a spot at 7th. landlord-tenant disputes, fraud and home solicitation at the door and phone round out the top ten. it was not in the top ten but a new type of complaint noticed by agencies gripes related to daily deals on group sites like the disclosures on expiration dates or other limb taigs we ignore. whether it's an age old complaint or a new scam, some homework is is ahead that could help you out. abc2 is working for you with an important safety alert. outlet covers and child safety latching are recalled. the screws can loosen or break and -- latches are being recalled. the screws can loosen or break and the child can get to the hazard.
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the number to contact is 855- 839-9555. parents a chance for you to save money if you want to take your kids to the maryland zoo. next month, the zoo will discount tickets 25% on tuesdays and each visitor gets a coupon for a free frozen pop sibling or ice cream treat. if you go on -- pop sickle or ice cream treat. if you go on thursday, you will get half off the ticket. the zoo normally closes at 4 but will stay open until 7 on thursday. the place was always busy. >> feds say they know why and what new details we have this morning about a spa that authorities say was really abrothel. >> if you are middle aged woman, you need to make me time. we will tell you why and why they say your health is at risk if you don't. >> -- people want to be near the water but firstup to new york for the late nest business news. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, a summer slowdown.
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is survey finds economic growth slowed this summer in 8 of the 12 districts. the feds blamed high unemployment, weak home sales and a slowdown in manufacturing. the government stopped collecting some taxes on airline tickets. most airlines have not lowered ticket prices. the irs wants the airlines to issue refunds but the airlines say no they sent the money to the government and the irs should pay. working moms shouldn't feel guilty. a study finds the employment improves chances their kids will be well adjusted especially with girls. and the weak economy is daking a bite out of how much -- taking a bite out of how much the tooth fairy leaves. they are finding 40 cents less per tooth down from $35 year ago to $2.60. and that's america's money. i am tonya rivero. (sound of computer alert tone)
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now "good morning maryland." parts of south kleina beaches are drying out following flash flooding. the homes are blocks from the shore, people are closer to the water than they ever bargained for. >> step down and there's water every where. i am just like, kind of just everywhere. the whole house. >> with the heavy rain and high tides some city streets turned into raining rivers. the rain went to the south of us. justin will look at forecast in a second. this morning, city leaders in galveston, texas, are bracing for tropical tomorrow don which is is -- shell oil will secure offshore well heads and evacuate personnel. galveston is ready to make a determination in the next three days before a storm hits of evacuations might be -- if
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evacuations might be in order. >> this may be an opportunity for people to look at their evacuation plans right now today because if it is not this storm it could be one in a couple weeks later in the month. >> tropical storm don is expectedded to make landfall tomorrow. forecasters say it wouldn't bring enough rain to halt a drought going on in texas. don't forget to track weather right here in your neighborhood. just down load the abc2 weatherapp for your iphone. use the interactive maps to get closer in the latest forecast following the storm. go to and there you can find the free weather app link and get instructions on how to get the abc2 weather app. seems like when we hear about a storm brewing in the gulf you will hear galveston and corpus christi every time. >> and we will hear it this time. but these is the state that can use the rainfall. we showed you that and you can
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track that online with us. check it out. we have cloud cover from a different source this morning. this is towson and while a beautiful sunrise sho. i have to see if i can do this for you. 67 degrees right now in the towson area and as we watch the clouds push away from us that's always beautiful scene at the naval academy. 77 degrees currently. across the board, look at this. 69 fallston and 65 westminster and laurel checks in at 66. and 70s widespread around the bay. glen burnie and stevenville around 83. we normally get up to 87, that's not an issue for today. but we will watch records not today 103. but that's. & 1941789 but tomorrow we will try to challenge record high temperatures with heat. and until then, watch the flare- up of storms across the great lakes. look at the, plowsive development not so much the storms but the offshoot of the clouds and all directions. that is the reason why we have cloud cover this morning down here in mayor maryland. it's the storms up there. most of the storms stay to the
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north. we get cloud cover out of that. and the add cloud cover may actually increase upon itself this afternoon. the only good thing is actually we will slow down our next ramping up of the thermometers. temperatures start to warm up today and tomorrow. but we will watch the threat of maybe showers sparking to the north and could be some during the afternoon and evening hours. our computer models indicating the disturbance before the real surge of temperatures could actually give us a chance of showers and storms by daybreak tomorrow. we will have to watch that. and this time tomorrow we could be watching an active radar here in maryland and thenwatch ourselves look for more heat and building up more storms into the afternoon. and evening on friday. and then we stick with the stickiness. that's it. heat and humidity in for the weekend. today, the lower end of our two degree guaranteed high. we going up to 94. but you think the cloud cover and latest computer model indicate we may stay lower than that. stale hot day at 92. and there will be scattered
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storms. we stay in the mid-70s overnight and there will be a chance of showers after midnight towards daybreak. the one thing you will truly notice the next couple days is the increased mugginess. and tomorrow could be once again dangerous. we are looking at a high of 98. but the heat index could be 105 to 110. and we will be staying in the mid-90s over the weekend. scattered showers and storms doesn't mean a washout burks usually afternoon and -- but usually afternoon and evening stuff will drop back, tanya, into the low 90s. >> reporter: i am in shock when he says that. i can't believe it but i will love it when winter comes. inbound traffic fire on -- fine on the harrisburg and jfx. no incidents. let's look at the beltwaying we are doing okay on outer -- beltway, we are doing okay on outer loop. it's moving well and traffic is building. okay on the drive times. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway, 5 minutes. 6 minutes 95 out of the white marsh. outer loop moving well. 795 to #, 7 minutes and 6
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minutes bel air to providence. a disabled vehicle on key highway. it's just south of 95 and pratt street construction between green and light and light at conway. megan. >> it's 6:17. health news this morning, questions about the effectiveness of the computer assisted detection or cad. a study found it can lead continue to creased false positive results, failed to improve detection of abnormalities and didn't improve the rate of detection overall. so breast cancers were detected at similar stage and size regardless of whether or not radiologists used cad. there could be a long lasting flu shot to protect against the variety of flu viruses according to the usa today, national institutes of health says the universal flu vaccine could be here within the next five years. do you feel -- do you feel strezed out? -- stressed out? middle ageed american women
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have the lowest well-being of any age group or sex. medical experts say that this could be the first generation of women who don't outlive their male counseledder -- counterparts. >> they are not making healthy choices and they don't think they can because they would feel too guilty of taking the time away from caring for their families. >> what do you do in doctors recommend a hour of me time every day and while it might behard, you can add years to your life by doing this. check this out. something you may never want to try, eric jake sobs was on a boat when a shark came swimming underneath e jumped on it and rode it for a good 15 feet. jacobs is a fisherman and says riding on the shark was a experience of a lifetime. he knew it was a basking shark that don't eat people but it's shark, right? well still a pretty dangerous stunt no hatter who you are orwho the fish is. i don't trust large fish that can eat you night not very nice
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to the shark. >> the shark is not talking about it. it's hard to imagine what parents were doing when that oslo massacre was happening. >> this morning, one mom is speaking out about what she did to stay in touch with her daughter during the terrifying moments. how do you deal with 4 1/2 feet of flood water? we will show you amazing video from china this morning.
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news from around the world. we are learning more about the shooting in norway and deadly bomb. anders breivik is accused of shooting 68 people on a youth retreat island the same day. parents waited for words from their kids one mother did the only thing she knew to do to stay in touch with her daughter. >> i didn't know what really
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what to do other than text her. that was the only way i could help her and this was the only way to see-- understand she was alive. so, i was lucky because it's the comfort with my daughter all the time. >> breivik is in custody and admitted to carrying out both attacks according to his lawyer. new details of a story from mexico this morning a14-year- old american citizen has been convicted of being a hit man for a drug cartel. after six days of testimony in a juvenile court in central mexico, the 14-year-old accused of being an assassin for a mexican cartel was fond g every killing four people. the -- found guilty of killing four people. he was centsenced to three years in prison -- sentence to three years in prison. help from malnourished children in somalia. there's famine there and several tons of urgently need nutritional supplies arrived. millions of people are caught in the grip of drought and
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famine. official say the situation is catastrophic and this aid will be distributed to medical facilities to treat more than 18,000 children suffering from malnutrition. >> i will be having more flights coming in the coming days. and i just have been talking to the cargo company and the pilot and they reckon they will come in on friday, saturday and maybe sunday. so there's quite a lot. >> famine investigation continue to arrive to receive food and shelter. massive flooding in parts of south korea cni reporter took these pictures. the weather dropped about 15 inches of rain since tuesday. south korea at the .cally experiences a rain ex-- typically experience as rain exceedingly but this is high. heavy rains overwhelmed the city's drainage system in china. flood waters reached 4 1/2 feet in some areas. the high waters left streets littered with stalled cars and stranded drivers.
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and air canada plane makes an meg landing. smoke was detext after the -- an emergency landing. the smoke was detext and the pile -- detected and the pilot dumped fool before landing. you think a l.a. premier would be fun and glamorous. >> police are hoping this video will lead to an arrest this morning. we will give outdetails behind the robbery caught on tape -- you the details behind this robbery caught on tape. >> reporter: it looks like a typical home burks the feds say it was a undercover brothel. we will tell you where it was. ♪
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." police are saying it was an accident and his family says someone is responsible. now they want an investigation into the son's death. [ no audio ] we are not used to seeing them like this, the orioles have a message for your kids. we will share it but it's thursday morning, thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson.
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heats say good morning to justin berk. >> i have a treat for you in a moment. right now, we will look at the satellite and radar composit. high clouds and mid-level cloud skirting northern and northeastern maryland. it's in response to this system across the great lakes. a flare-up of showers and storms many detroit is getting up it and -- getting it and toronto and erie, p.a. look at the temperatures. it's 72 in baltimore. a lot of 70s -- 6 aes -- of 0 -- 60es west and north. from buffalo westbound they are bag in -- back in the muggy 70s. i told you i would try to grab the shot so heats step out of the way and there's the morning zen. towson looking east is a beautiful sunrise shot. high clouds looking off towards the east. but looks like we will try to mix in a little sun and check out this new shot from baltimore city. we will talk about the weekend heat in


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